Welcome to thee “gift registry” portion of our website.
After careful consideration, we’ve decided NOT to have a “gift registry.”
Instead, we want, “A bag filled with white envelopes…”

(see movie-clip below to better understand)

In all seriousness, we’ve been blessed with a loving + humble ‘casita‘ and most all the furnishings we could want. So, if you’d like to gift us, we are asking that you please contribute to our honeymoon fund. We will have a gift card box available at the reception…


3 thoughts on “Registro

  1. Congratulations! From the facebook “peeks” it looked like a beautiful, stunning wedding. Wish Maria and I could have been there. We want to send you a wedding gift, but need an address. Could you email where to send? (in case you didn’t have it>

    Much love to you both!

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