Versión de Ruby

It was a brisk summer night in 2002 and I was hanging out with some girlfriends at a mutual friend’s house in the neighborhoods by USC. We were admiring the night skyline of LA from the kitchen balcony. It was time for me to head out so I didn’t pass my curfew (YES! I had a curfew in my first years of college. That’s what happens when you live at home with mommy and daddy).

As I turned around to give my good-bye’s I saw this light skinned, hazel eyed wanna be looking thug come in the front door. For some reason, his intriguing handsomeness caught my eye but I did not give it much attention. As I was about to leave for the evening I was introduced quickly to Rafael aka OGHennylizzoc aka One. We made quick, yet intense, eye contact as we greeted each other and then I ran out the door.

Later that evening I received a text from my friend telling me that Rafael was asking “who was that brown Aztec goddess who just ran out the door?”.  I gave her permission to pass on my contact info and the story goes from there….


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